Motorbike Lessons

TK’s Driving School can help you get your RE (Restricted) or your R (Unrestricted) motorbike licence.  We offer a single day QRide course where we are able to pass your licence on the spot, or you can get 1-on-1 personalised tuition for either learning the basics or brushing up on your riding skills if you haven't been in the rider's seat for some time.

While it may seem obvious, riding on the road requires a different mindset than driving a car.  We can give you to the skills to maintain maximum awareness and road presence to ensure that you have many years of open road ahead of you.

TK's can give you a comprehensive understanding:

  • Motorbike road rules.
  • Keeping yourself safe in any weather or road conditions.
  • Preparing your bike for riding on the road – including basic maintenance and pre-ride checks.
  • How to keep your bike upright, how to change gears, and other controls.
  • Manoeuvering your bike - including riding in a straight line, braking, proper cornering, gear shifting, counter steering and slow speed handling.
  • Execute emergency techniques such as braking or swerving – safely
  • Recognise hazards, identify how to avoid them, and how to implement this practise as a daily riding habit
  • Properly riding with other motorbikes in the same lane


Our driver trainers strive to make sure that you are provided with not only the most effective teaching methods, but that you also gain life-long skills that will provide confidence in any situation on the road.

Lesson Toowoomba Only
RE (Restricted) $60 / hour
R (Unrestricted) $60 / hour
QRide RE (Restricted) $265 (5 hours)
QRide R (Unrestricted) $265 (5 hours)
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