Car Lessons

At TK’s Driving School, we’ll equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and comprehensive decision-making abilities needed to enjoy many years of safe driving – whether you are in a manual or an automatic.

Our driver trainers specialise in personalised training in a comfortable, patient and understanding environment.  Using each opportunity to raise the learner’s skill and situational awareness.

Your decision to drive a manual or automatic is a personal one.  Some people feel more comfortable starting out learning to drive an automatic car and others jump straight in learning to operate a manual vehicle.  Either way, our trainers can help you to gain the skills and feel confident quickly.  It is important to remember that if you obtain your automatic car licence, you will not be able to drive a manual car.  However, if you obtain your manual car licence, you can drive both manual and automatic cars.

When you book a lesson with TK's, we'll pick you up and drop you off from anywhere around town.  Each hour (up to 10 hours) of time with our trainers is equivalent to 3 hours in your logbook.  You can purchase a 10 lesson voucher pack and save.

You can also get a FREE lesson through the Queensland government's Keys 2 Drive program.  Simply register and then call us on 07 4659 5566 with your reference number.

Find a convenient time and book in online or call on 46595566 and we look forward to helping you soon. 

Lesson Type Tmba1/Dalby/Gatton Highfields2/Pittsworth
Manual $69/ hour $75 / hour
Automatic $69 / hour $75 / hour
5 x 1 Hour Lessons $325 Manual / Automatic $360 Manual / Automatic
5 x 2 Hour Lessons $650 Manual / Automatic $720 Manual / Automatic
10 x 1 Hour Lessons $650 Manual / Automatic $720 Manual / Automatic

Contact us today to discuss  prices for Oakey, Clifton 46595566

Does not include Highfields, Hodgson Vale, Top Camp & Westbrook

Includes Highfields, Hodgson Vale, Top Camp & Westbrook

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