QRide - PreLearner Day 1 Courses

Queensland now uses a 3 stage, graduating licencing system to undertake QRide motorcycle training.

You must complete each stage before you can progress to the next stage and also determines what motorcycle you are able to ride.

The course aims to minimise the likelihood of harm due to inadequate riding skills and knowledge. 

Stage 1: QRide Pre-Learner Course

The Q-Ride PreLearner Course is designed to teach or enhance basic riding skills and knowledge encompassing theory elements, demonstrations, coaching and riding practice in a safe off-road riding environment before commencing on-road training. The course covers the basics of riding including protective gear, riding curves, controlled braking and good roadcraft.

The course aims to minimise the likelihood of harm due to inadequate riding skills and knowledge.

Once you have successfully completed the Pre-Learner course you are then eligible to undertake the motorcycle knowledge test through the Department of Transport and Main Roads. 

Stage 2: QRide RE Course

The Q-Ride RE (Restricted) course is designed to help you further develop your riding skills and knowledge. The course includes on-road and off-road activities and is designed for people who have completed the pre-learner course and have some riding experience.

Stage 3: QRide R Course

The course aims to enhance and reinforce your riding skills and knowledge to effectively manage riding situations on a more powerful motorcycle, to reinforce good riding attitudes and to minimise the likelihood of harm due to inappropriate riding skills, behaviours or risk management.

 QRide Training and Assessment Course costs

  • $660  QRide Pre-Learner course - 2x6 hour or 3x4 hour sessions
  • $360  QRide RE Course must be completed within 30 days of commencement
  • $260  QRide R Course must be completed on day of commencement
  • $60 per hour for individual lessons for training or refreshing

(All costs are inclusive of GST, use of motorcyle, jacket, helmet and gloves)

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